Trunk Show

Members of SAQA-Atlantic have put together a trunk show which represents the diversity of techniques and styles which they use in their work as art quilters. Each piece is 8 x 8 inches and is presented in a 12 x 12 inch mat. Clear presentation envelopes protect the artwork and permit it to be handled safely.

The trunk show is available to travel to meetings of quilt guilds and other interested groups. A SAQA member can accompany the show to make a presentation regarding art quilts and SAQA.

To book the show, please contact Chris Nielsen

Bark Marks
Penny Berens

Sandra Betts

Wee Mola #5
Hélène Blanchet

Mill Town
Grace Butland

Dragons Rampant
Nancy Elaschuk

Linda Mackie Finley

Celtic Reflections II
Lois Wilby Hooper

Heather Loney

Farm II
Susan Tilsley Manley
Fragments I
Regina Marzlin
Garden Gem
Linda Mills
Dirty Ridges
Christine Nielsen

Deb Plestid

Copper Beech
Anne Morrell Robinson

The Blue Rocks Fish Store
Laurie Swim

Lyra Superba
Céleste Thibodeau-Stacey

White-throated Sparrow in Autumn
Kathy Tidswell

ReBecca Paterson

Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau
Cook’s Cove in the Winter Moonlight

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