04 October 2013

20 metres!!!!!! - Susan Tilsley Manley (Durham, NS)

What's on your wall?
Spousal support.
I have either educated or infected my beloved John.
I'm not always sure which.
He brought home two side rails from a baby crib that he saw in someone's trash at the side of the road. Proudly, he told me that he passed them, stopped short, backed up, and threw them into his truck. "I thought you could hang stuff from them."
Then he figured out how to hang them on my studio wall so I could reach them, remove them if necessary, and save space. Two bike brackets were purchased at the DOLLAR STORE, a little cursing and a power driver later, I have the ultimate storage for my ironed, dyed and printed fabrics.
Then, of course, I had to do some dyeing to fill them. Twenty metres later, I am thrilled.
And I think I'll chose "educated".
Thanks John.


  1. Impressive spouse, great storage solution and GORGEOUS fabric! I love reading these 'what's on your wall' posts. They give such wonderful insights into what everybody is creating.

  2. What a great way to re-purpose! Love your fabrics, Susan!