08 November 2015

Two captivating quilts by Deb Plestid

Two of Deb Plestid’s quilts, Endicott Johnson and Dragonfly, captured attention at the recent Sunrise Quilt Guild Show in Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia.

Endicott Johnson by Deb Plestid, Sunrise Quilt Guild 2015 CQA Viewers' Choice Award winner.

Endicott Johnson, which won the CQA Viewers' Choice Award, celebrates rootedness and longevity. The boots were made in the 1950s by the Endicott Johnson Company and were worn until the 1980s by a neighbouring farmer. This principled corporation not only made durable boots, they also treated their employees fairly, with health coverage, recreational facilities, a profit-sharing program and support for home financing. The CQA Award is the second for this piece, which received an Honourable Mention at the Grand National Quilt Show 2013 in Kitchener, Ontario.  

Dragonfly by Deb Plestid, runner-up for Members' Choice Award, Sunrise Quilt Guild 2015.

Another of Deb's entries, Dragonfly Pond, received a ribbon as runner-up for Members' Choice at the Sunrise show.

See Deb Plestid's website for more of her fine work.

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