05 September 2016

Laurie Swim in the Spotlight

Nova Scotia artist Laurie Swim has been riding a wave of recognition.

Laurie's quilt Breaking Ground: The Hogg’s Hollow Disaster, 1960 was featured in a Labour Day themed Toronto Star article entitled Once Upon A City: Toronto’s labour pains. The large, collaborative fibre art project commemorated the 40th anniversary of the Hogg's Hollow disaster.

Meanwhile, Laurie just received word of an Art Gallery of Nova Scotia display entitled Nova Scotia Spotlight: Laurie SwimHer piece, Make-and-Breakis in the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia’s Permanent Collection by artists contributing to the province’s cultural heritage. It is described as "a Nova Scotian fishing scene that captures history, landscape, and architecture in an intricately quilted image that is strikingly pictorial yet dedicated to an exploration of fibre."  The quilt is on display at the AGNS (Halifax) until September 18th, 2016. 

Make and Break by Laurie Swim, 2010

And just recently, Laurie celebrated her new Wikipedia listing. Read all about Laurie Swim's impressive journey as an art quilter.

Congratulations, Laurie, for all your accomplishments! 

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  1. I would add that Laurie was our first regional SAQA rep...yes...she started it all here in Atlantic Canada....