17 March 2017

Anne Morrell Robinson and Diane Borsato collaborate for exhibit at Vancouver's Contemporary Art Gallery

Self-titled, by Anne Morrell Robinson and Diane Borsato, 2017. w6 'x h4'

AMR: This quilt is a third collaborative piece I've made with Toronto-based contemporary artist Diane Borsato. It features the title of her upcoming one-night installation at Vancouver's Contemporary Art Gallery, a quote by Ikebana Sogetsu founder Teshigahara Sofu, in which he imagines making arrangements in another, very different world. 

Diane developed the concept and chose the fabric. I turned it into a quilt. The piece uses Asian fabrics, traditional piecing and appliqué techniques and hand quilting.

Borsato will work with members of the Japanese flower arranging (Ikebana) community in Vancouver to develop The Moon Is Often Referred To As a Dead, Barren World, But I Think This Is Not Necessarily The Case. The event takes place 6-9pm, Saturday, March 25, 2017.

Read more about Anne Morrell Robinson on her website, Kingross Quilts

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