23 February 2018

Spotlight on Kristi Farrier

Kristi Farrier, of Middle River, Cape Breton (NS), also contributed to the 2018 Spotlight Auction. Have a look at her piece, A Day at the Circus.

A Day at the Circus by Kristi Farrier (2018) w6" x h8"

"The topsy-turvy of a day full of color and sound and bit of melted ice cream."

Learn more about Kristi Farrier on her blog Mirth365, her Instagram account, and by reading our feature artist interview Introducing....Kristi Farrier.


The TEXtiles Spotlight Auction is an opportunity for SAQA members to showcase their work at the annual SAQA conference. The pieces are auctioned at the conference with proceeds going to SAQA's exhibition programs. SAQA Atlantic has benefited from the annual auction by accessing these funds for all three of our regional shows. 

March 1, 2018 is the registration deadline for contributing a little (6" x 8") piece for the auction. Details are available here.

If you contribute to the 2018 Spotlight Auction, please let us have a sneak peek at your piece!

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