04 February 2016

SAQA Spotlight Auction

Inspire - Connect - Engage (ICE) is the theme for the 2016 SAQA Spotlight Auction. This annual event is an opportunity for SAQA members to have their work showcased at the SAQA Conference

Members are encouraged to donate small art quilts (6"x8"), which are sold through a silent auction at the conference banquet. All proceeds are used to benefit SAQA's exhibition programs.

Several Atlantic Canada members have generously contributed to the auction. Over the next week, we will be featuring their work. 

I Admire the Diggers, by Susan Tilsley Manley

I Admire The Diggers, by Susan Tilsley Manley of Westville NS

I have developed a technique for reproducing photographs on fabric using rust. This image was taken in the 1940's at Caribou Gold Mines in Nova Scotia. My father was born there and this is his Aunt Ollie. She always appears laughing and happy, even when doing manual labour. I admire the diggers, especially since my own ability with a shovel is poor. 

Visit Susan TM's website to learn more about her work. 

If you haven't yet made a quilt for the Spotlight auction, there may still be time. Stay tuned for more auction pieces in the coming days.  


  1. A lovely piece -- and I'm intrigued by the process!

  2. Nice piece! The use of rust for a historic piece is interesting.