07 February 2016

Spotlight Auction 4

Have a look at Holly McLean's contribution to the 2016 SAQA Spotlight Auction! With other tiny quilts from around the world, Holly's quilt will be auctioned off at this year's SAQA Conference, raising funds for SAQA's exhibition programs.

Leaves Under Ice by Holly McLean, 2016

Leaves Under Ice, by Holly McLean, Bathurst NB  

Last fall, when leaves were plentiful on the ground, I gathered a few and used them in a printing session. When looking through my collection of prints for a piece to submit, I noticed a turquoise one that reminded me of cool winter colours reflected in ice and snow. I thought the leaves looked like they floated down to the water and were caught in the winter freeze.

You can follow Holly McLean's blog to learn more about her work.

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