28 December 2014

2014 - A Year of Growth for SAQA Atlantic

2014 was a year of growth for SAQA Atlantic with the addition of 13 new members to our group and 1 SAQA member to our region. All regions are diverse geographically, but SAQA Atlantic is especially so with membership reaching out over four provinces with some reasonably large bodies of water separating us. We get very excited to welcome new members and in 2014, we are especially pleased to have new members joining us from all four provinces!  

This year we were very happy to welcome:

Nancy MacIntosh of Bridgetown, Nova Scotia
Kim Larracy of Dieppe, New Brunswick
Kathy Tidswell of Burtts Corner, New Brunswick
Barb Perry of Fredericton, New Brunswick
Maggie Ross of Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
Marilyn O'Brien of Shediac Bridge, New Brunswick
LaVerne MacCallum Deakin of Fredericton, New Brunswick
Ann Schroeder of Mabou, Nova Scotia
Else Flack of St.Philips, Newfoundland
Holly McLean of Bathurst, New Brunswick
Christel Frischmuth of Collette, New Brunswick
Joann Dnistransky of Amherst, Nova Scotia
Sue Berube of Riverview, New Brunswick
and Heather Jarmyn of Stratford, Prince Edward Island to our region

SAQA is an international membership of fibre artists, collectors, curators, business owners and fibre enthusiasts. Membership allows us to make connections, offers us opportunities and provides information and inspiration. 2015 promises to be an exciting year for SAQA as it enters its 26th year.

In the Atlantic Region, there is also much excitement being created with the announcement of our second Regional Exhibition, Structures. We are also planning our second Regional Retreat, an opportunity for our group to gather and grow as fibre artists, for this spring. 

The SAQA Blog allows our group to stay connected and Chris and I encourage all our members to provide us with information and photos of interest to the membership. As well, we welcome all questions and suggestions. Always feel free to reach out and make the most of your membership. 

Wishing everyone a wonderfully creative, healthy and fulfilling 2015! 

23 December 2014

What’s My View? - Jennifer Gill, St. John’s, Newfoundland

This is the view from my studio at our family summer home, in Newfoundland usually called "the cabin". It is in Eastport, Bonavista Bay, a beautiful, little community with lovely sandy beaches, modest well-kept homes and gardens and a vibrant arts community. The ocean is always changing and I never tire of looking out upon it.

21 December 2014

Christmas Art Quilt - Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau, Irishtown, New Brunswick

This is one of my favorite Christmas pieces made in collaboration with my then 4 year old son. The quilt is true to the my son's drawing with my only liberties being in the setting of the drawing as well as fabric choices which are closely dictated by the original drawing and the colors used.
Cotton fabrics embellished with polymer clay, dimensional fabric paint and braided fabric, fused, satin stitched and hand quilted.
My children always drew and signed their labels and I added the information 

20 December 2014

Winter Solstice - Lois Wilby Hooper, Moores Mills, New Brunswick

Winter Solstice

No matter what particular holiday we celebrate, the winter solstice is a universal celebration of the return of light to the Earth. 

Raw edge applique, free motion quilting and thread work on cotton background.

Lois Wilby Hooper

19 December 2014

What’s My View? - Grace Butland, Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

Every 8 a.m. every weekday morning, year round, I gather with a group of equally enthusiastic (or demented, depending on the weather) people on the Annapolis Royal wharf for half an hour of Tai Chi. The view is always beautiful. It’s always different but the same - depending on the tides, the fog or sun, the boats at the haul-Up, the birds circling overhead or on the wharf. Some mornings there are seals or dolphins, and usually there are herons and often eagles. Some days the fog is so thick that we can’t see Granville Ferry, just across the river. Other days are sunny and so still it’s difficult to tell the village from its reflection in the river. Some days there isn’t a cloud to be seen; other days the sky is black and roiling (if it starts to rain, we make a mad dash for the covered area of the Farmers’ Market across the street). Some days the weather is so perfect that I don’t want to leave and others, especially in January and February, are so cold that I lose contact with fingers and toes and question my sanity (as does my husband). But I go back every day for the inspiration.

Here’s the view on a sunny day in October.


Child Inspired Christmas Quilties - Deb Plestid, Tatamagouche, Nova Scotia

In the spirit of of remembering children’s delight at Christmas, these child inspired quilties keep the meaning of Christmas close to my heart. And what is Christmas, in this hemisphere, without snow...

13 December 2014

A Christmas Tradition: Sour Cream Twists - Chris Nielsen, Head of St, Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia

When my brother and I were very little my mother established a tradition that we would have Sour Cream Twists for breakfast on Christmas morning. I think she got the recipe from the newspaper. It certainly didn't come from her family. To this day, that is the only time I make these.

I have copied verbatim from the stained and worn typed letter that she sent me for my first Christmas away from home. I have added my own notes at the end.

Sour Cream Twists

Sift 4 cups of flour and 1 tsp salt into a bowl. Cut in 1 cup shortening with a pastry blender.

Soften 1 package (1 tbsp) of dry yeast in 1/4 cup warm water. Beat 1 egg and 2 egg yolks together until light. Combine eggs, yeast, 1 cup sour cream, 1 tsp vanilla, 1 cup seedless raisins. Stir into flour mixture and mix thoroughly. Let rise covered in refrigerator for at least two hours.

Measure 3/4 cup sugar. Sprinkle board and rolling pin with this sugar and roll out to a 12 inch square. Sprinkle dough with sugar and fold in thirds. Roll out again to square, sprinkle with sugar and fold again. Roll out to square (I guess mine is more of a rectangle) and cut into strips about 1" x 4". Twist strips and place on ungreased baking sheet. Add cinnamon to remaining sugar and sprinkle twists with the mixture.

Bake at 375 degrees for about 18 minutes. (If they are crowded on the baking sheet they will need a little longer, maybe at a lower temp.)

My notes: 

1. This is about the only time all year when I use Crisco. I don't know anything about the results if you choose to use lard. I don't think butter would work well.

2. The point of the rolling is to create multiple layers which are separated by sugar. Don't get hung up on the details of turning and rolling. Just do what you can to create those layers.

3. I roll these out on a Silpat. If you do the same don't use a knife to cut the twists.

4. We have found that a double twist in the middle of each piece of pastry keeps it from untwisting as it bakes.

5. I cook for a short time because I bake on Christmas Eve and reheat the next morning. They will get too dry unless they are slightly under-baked originally.


04 December 2014

Holiday Runner - Holly McLean, Bathurst, New Brunswick

This festive holiday runner was designed and made by another of our new SAQA Atlantic members, Holly McLean. Holly’s design was originally published in the Quilting Arts Gifts 2013/2014 issue. These photos are of a runner she made using the same techniques and directions as the piece found in Quilting Arts publication.

02 December 2014

Christmas Card Swap - Christel Frischmuth, Collette, New Brunswick

SAQA Atlantic’s newest member, Christel participated in a Christmas card exchange with a group of German quilters and this is one of 24 Advent Calendar cards swapped.

01 December 2014

Published! - Susan Tilsley Manley, Westville, Nova Scotia

Only 24 days before Christmas! 

Have you picked up your copy of Quilting Arts Holiday Magazine and checked out our very own Susan Tilsley Manley’s wonderful Christmas project? There is still plenty of time to give Susan’s unique technique a try and make up some great holiday cards! 

Susan also has a favorite seasonal recipe published. Looks yummy to me!!