25 April 2018

Regina Marzlin's Daily Bread

Regina Marzlin, from Antigonish Nova Scotia, recently finished an art quilt entitled Daily Bread. She described the piece on another textile art blog, Cloth in Common. We are reposting the item for our readers.

Daily Bread by Regina Marzlin, 2018 w20" x h30"
Hand painted cotton, commercial batik fabric, organza, ink,
flour paste resist painting, photo transfer, piecing and raw edge applique, machine stitched

RM: I bake a bread almost every day. This seems to be part of my German heritage, we just love a good crusty bread. I keep it very simple, just four ingredients: flour, water, yeast and salt. This gets mixed together and I let it rise for about 12 hours, then bake it. I still find it magical, this transformation from lumpy dough to a loaf that smells and looks as good as it tastes. So I took this as my kitchen inspiration.

I decided to use all four ingredients to do surface design on my fabrics for this quilt. The white and black crackle fabric was made with water and flour paste that dried on the fabric, was then crackled and painted with black ink. The blue fabrics were painted and then I placed salt on one part and dry yeast on the other to get some resist marks. I digitally altered a photo of my bread and printed it on fabric, the wheat stalks were scanned and printed on organza.

Daily Bread by Regina Marzlin, detail

The quilting lines mimic the yeast cells, the square salt crystals and in the lower part of the crackle fabric I wrote a continuous line of the four words "yeast, water, salt, flour". Just looking at this makes me hungry!

Daily Bread was created as part of Regina Marzlin's work with an international group of fibre artists called Cloth In CommonTo subscribe to the Cloth in Common blog, just enter your email address at the bottom of the home page.  

01 April 2018

Opening Night for Transitions

Some of the artists at the opening.
Front row, LR: Linda Mackie Finley, Holly McLean, Deb Plestid, Julea Boswell
Back row: Regina Marzlin, Heather Loney, Susan LIlley 
Dartmouth's Craig Gallery was filled to capacity as artists, friends, relatives and others gathered for the recent opening of our regional juried show, Transitions.


Show curator Heather Loney reports on her experience:

Being in charge of this venture, there were a couple things I dreaded. The first was having to tell someone that their work didn’t make it into the show. Our juror, Elizabeth Whalley, eliminated that concern by deeming every piece worthy of being shown. 

So then panic set in: How would I fit all the pieces into our smallest gallery? Cathy Drummond and Linda Mackie Finlay came to my rescue. Through trial and error we shifted, switched and finally hung all the art quilts. The gallery's lighting is excellent, revealing all the fine detail in our stitching and embellishments. The show looks great!

Wow! and Impressive! are two frequent comments in the guest book, along with my favorite comment: Lots of stitching – many cups of tea.

This is our third regional juried show. Every time, we adjust, fine tune and learn from our process and each time, we outdo ourselves with awesome work from very talented SAQA Atlantic members!

Transitions will hang at the Craig Gallery until April 29, 2018.

Gallery Hours
Sunday - 11am - 3pm
Monday - CLOSED
Tuesday to Friday - 12noon to 5:30pm

Saturday - 9am to 5pm