23 June 2016

Atlantic Blogwatch

Have a look at what SAQA Atlantic members' blogs are on about this month:

Woo-hoo Colour Challenge

Heather Loney's blog is a show and tell about her work in a recent colour challenge. 

Colour challenge. Heather Loney, 2016

And here's the photo that launched her work: 

St John's NF streetscape

SOFAAR Launches in Annapolis area

Penny Berens' blog, Tanglewood Threads, recently announced the launch of SOFAAR: The Society of Fibre Artists of Annapolis River. SOFAAR's 45 current members include quilters, spinners, knitters, weavers, felters, crocheters, stitchers, hookers, dyers, basket-makers and paper-makers. The group has come together to promote and advance fibre arts and craft through exhibitions, workshops and educational activities in and around Annapolis Royal and Digby, Nova Scotia. They intend to host a couple of workshops a year as well as other events such as exhibitions and artist presentations.

SOFAAR launched with a two-day public show of members' artwork. Annapolis Royal's ARCAC Chapel Gallery will feature a curated SOFAAR exhibition from Aug. 28 to Sept. 25, 2016.