20 February 2014

Current Work - Nancy Elaschuk, Moncton, New Brunswick

Nancy is sharing more of her delicious journal covers. She teaches this process in a day long workshop and has her next scheduled class in the St John, NB area in April.

15 February 2014

Call for Entries - Fibre Arts Festival Society Nova Scotia 2014

Artwork and Interior Gallery Installations
The Fibre Arts Festival Society Nova Scotia is extending a call to fibre artists for submissions of their work --- rug hooking, quilting, felting, knitting, crochet, needle and hand work --- to display at various locations during the 6th Annual Fibre Arts Festival Society Nova Scotia being held October 14-18, 2014 in Amherst, NS. Selected artists will have their works hang in a five-day exhibition. This award-winning fibre celebration opens with a catered evening reception and showcases art at the Fibre Festival Headquarters and at various venues in the historic town.

Proposals for Independent Projects

They are inviting proposals for local artists to organize and curate their own exhibitions, or to propose an installation of an existing piece or new installation. They encourage all approaches to fibre exploration. 

Workshops and Classes

The Fibre Arts Festival Nova Scotia is extending a call to fibre instructors who wish to lead workshops and classes. They aim to offer a wide variety to those taking part. They will provie the venue and co-ordinate schedules. Deadline is March 1, 2014 with selected artists being notified thereafter.

For more information or to participate in this year’s event, please see more detailed information at the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival blog.

What’s on your wall? - Helene Blanchet, Calgary, Alberta and Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Hélène Blanchet, Calgary, Alberta

I’ve been in Calgary for over two years now. I work at my textiles mostly during the winter months as I have a seasonal job as a gardener the rest of the year and find I’m too tired to quilt then. We fully intend to return home to Cape Breton, so while we are here I am trying to document our stay. I have decided to create my first series of work. It is called “Calgary Days” and each piece is 16” x 36”. I hope to have about 6 pieces in the end. 
This is “The CFA” and shows me arriving in Calgary in Nov 2011. This piece has been traveling around as part of the Fiber Arts Network’s “From Away” exhibit. 

Detail of “The CFA”

“The Gardener’s House” is a picture of my boss’ place and shows the type of work we’re able to achieve despite the many challenges of trying to garden in Calgary. I’m waiting to hear if it will be accepted into this year’s NJS in Ontario.

Detail of “The Gardener’s House”

“The Apartment Building”. I am just putting the final touches on this piece. This is where we live in downtown Calgary and it’s a way for us to remember our many neighbours

Detail of “The Apartment Building”

“Frank Lake” is my next attempt. This is where we took our son birding during the fall migration, so I’ll have to create a ton of tiny birds. This will be my first Prairie scape and is proving to be a bit of a challenge - so much yellow!