26 September 2017

Textile Journeys: Helene Blanchet, Anne Morrell Robinson, Adrienne Yorinks
Featured image: Anne Morrell Robinson: Underwater World

In October, the gallery of the Inverness County Centre for the Arts will be filled with colours just as our beautiful as our countryside. This textile exhibit will feature the work of local artists Helene Blanchet, Anne Morrell Robinson (members of SAQA Atlantic Canada) and Adrienne Yorinks.
Date(s) - Monday, October 2nd 2017 - Monday, October 30th 2017
11:00 am - 5:00 pm 

Opening Reception
Sunday, October 1 at 2pm

Artist Talk 
Friday, October 13 at 4pm
Helene ‘s masterful folk art inspired Fibre art work , ” Calgary Days” , is a series based on her stay in Alberta where she worked as a gardener. Beads, stitches, and a riot of colour reflect her life . Both artists’ love of all things textile will shine through in this special exhibit.

Anne’s exhibit, ” Worldly Influences” will be quilted pieces inspired by images, fabrics, and iconic patterns from around the world.
As accessible to our world increases by easy of travel and communication influences creep in from all corners of the globe. Migration and trade bring us textiles and designs that were once exotic and have now become accepted major influences to fashion and home decor. When we see them our minds still travel to the places of their origins as the designs suggest their heritage. My needle and thread take me there in spirit and have become my method of “arm chair travel”.
Find more information about Anne and her work at http://www.kingrossquilts.com.

Adrienne’s exhibition, “Quilted Journeys” will be a  sampling of work from several of her books; from Hummingbirds, dogs, and ducks to states and countries, and even outer space, the theme of journey is evident. The books represented are, Quilt of States, The Alphabet Atlas, Hummingbirds:Facts and Folklore from the Americas, Quack, and The Last Will and Testament of a Very Distinguished Dog.