Trunk show

Members of SAQA-Atlantic have put together a trunk show which represents the diversity of techniques and styles which they use in their work as art quilters. Each piece is 7 by 10 inches and is presented on a  mat. Clear presentation envelopes protect the artwork and permit it to be handled safely.

The trunk show is available to travel to meetings of quilt guilds and other interested groups. A SAQA member can accompany the show to make a presentation regarding art quilts and SAQA.

To book the show, please contact Cathy Drummond (

Anne Morrell Robinson: "Release"

Cathy Drummond

 Deb Plestid: "Mayfly"

 Fiona Oxford: "Playground 1"

 Heather Loney: "L'Hotel des Invalides, Paris, France"

 Helene Blanchet: "The Cabin No 3"

 Holly McLean: "Frosty Autumn Morning"

Kathy Tidswell: "Clematis in Bloom"

 Kristi Farrier: "Three Fridays Intersect"

 Linda Mackie Finley (untitled)

 Regina Marzlin: "A Painter's Palette"

 Sandra Betts: "Surprise, Surprise!"

 Susan Lilley: "Sunsets at Sea"

 Vivian Farrar (untitled)

Lois Wilby Hooper: "Fire and Ice"

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