16 February 2015

Current Work - Kathy Tidswell, Burtts Corner, New Brunswick

In this photo of Kathy Tidswell and her husband, Kathy is wearing a dress she painted and stitched with her depiction of the full moon she had seen on a previous trip to Antigua.

13 February 2015

Going to Quilt Canada 2015?

If you are going to Quilt Canada 2015, and while you're in Lethbridge...

If you have an hour (or two) to assist Co-Rep Margaret at the SAQA Trunk Show F booth -- it would be much appreciated!  Trunk Show F will be appearing all three days; because the pieces are small and portable, it's important to have someone attending the table all day each and every day of the show.  Margaret is happy to be the one who puts in the most hours there, but she will need a few breaks to stretch her legs, refresh her coffee, attend to personal comfort (!) and perhaps browse the booths, connecting with quilters, merchants and presenters alike on behalf of SAQA.  So...if you are able to give a hand at the booth, please contact Margaret by e-mail at margblank@xplornet.ca.  She would like to arrange scheduling that will suit each volunteer.  

Thanks so much for your support!

Note, too, that Quilt Canada 2015 will be your last chance to see Trunk Show F in Western Canada this year.  On June 10 it's being shipped back to the U.S....and will be sent from there to other venues.