17 December 2013

Current Work - Lois Bowden, Port Williams, Nova Scotia

Living in the country, Lois is always inspired by the light across the day and tries to capture the moment it has highlighted. She likes layering with fabric textures and different fibers to bring around that flash of emotion or awareness. Lois had started with a more representational approach, but finds she is increasingly drawn to a more abstract view. 

As well as printing her photographs on fabric and using them in her work, Lois also uses her own sunprinted and hand dyed fabric pieces. Here she shows us a selection which she reports have been really fun to create and often totally unpredictable in their results.

1 comment:

  1. Lois, your work has such an ethereal quality. I love how you achieve that airy, delicate feel to your pieces! Can’t wait to see more!