10 March 2014

Member profile - Sharon A. Burchell, NE Margaree, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

I moved back to NE Margaree, Cape Breton on the 28th of November. I am back in my little home here, surrounded by family and friends. I had been away 7.5 years and was travelling home every month, so it was time to be here permanent again.
I have rejoined my old quilt guild, The Celtic Quilt Guild, and am enjoying sitting, once again, with such talented people as Anne Morrell Robinson, Bea Tilsley and Mary Ross, to name a few.
Here is a photo of a "work in progress" called Maura's Eggs .

Maura's Eggs
- a work in progress by Sharon A. Burchell (bysharonann)
- based on a photo of a basket of eggs that was sitting on my son's mother-in-law's counter. He drew a face on one of the eggs and took a photo.
- measurements = 22 in wide and 16 in high
- the eggs, pitcher and basket rims are stuffed (raised from surface)
- the basket weave was machine stitched and then everything is hand appliqued

Hoping to have more time now to look at upcoming shows and work on projects for them.

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