18 August 2014

SAQA Sighting! Susan Brubaker Knapp, Mooresville, North Carolina

Recently I had the pleasure of taking a class from fellow SAQA member, Susan Brubaker Knapp. Thelma and Louise (aka Nancy Elaschuk and I) loaded up the car and followed the long and winding road to the Vermont Quilt Festival from our little hometown in New Brunswick. At the Festival we saw beautiful displays, took some excellent classes, met some lovely people and were generally astounded by the generosity of a local Janome dealer, Mr. David LaValley who awards a brand new sewing machine to each new youth entrant, every year! Totally off topic, but well worth mentioning, we also had the absolute pleasure of eating the best crab cakes ever created at Pauline’s, a cafe in South Burlington, Vermont. 

Meeting Susan of Quilting Arts fame was a delightful experience and I was pleased that she displayed a selection of SAQA brochures on her work table during our class. During our afternoon session, she also gave a brief introduction to SAQA with reference to myself, Nancy and another class participant who was also a SAQA member.

Susan also graciously posed for a photo with me for posterity and proof that we did indeed meet.


  1. Lucky you! How nice. But also nice for Susan to get to meet you!

    1. Sweet of you to say, Linda! It was a pleasure meeting Susan - she has a very relaxed teaching manner and she packs a lot of great info into her class time. She even answered questions and showed us samples from her other teaching material - a class act!