28 July 2015

Thank you, Jen

I have sad news. Jennifer Scantlebury-Vienneau has decided to step away from her responsibilities as blog coordinator and regional representative. I will miss her hard work and the somewhat acerbic emails we sometimes exchanged. It was good to have someone with a great sense of humour with whom to share information and decisions.

Jen had been a member of SAQA for one day(!) when she volunteered to spearhead an effort to make our blog more useful to the members. I have no doubt that you all know how hard she has worked to gather material and to encourage you to consider the blog a tool for communication. She will be a hard act to follow but I hope someone will consider stepping forward to pick up where she left off. You do not need to be familiar with blogging or the software we use. I can get you up to speed in no time and I will always be available to adjust things were necessary.

At this time we won't be recruiting a new regional representative but there are several other slots where volunteer help is needed. My main concern is that we still don't have anyone to look after the main SAQA trunk show when it comes to the region in December.  Please contact me if that's something you would consider doing.

In closing, let's all raise a virtual glass to Jen and salute her with our thanks for amazing service over the last two years. She set an incredible example in her commitment to SAQA and to her responsibilities and has earned whatever new and creative activities she can now fit into her life.


  1. Thank you Jennifer for all that you've done.
    Speaking of trunk shows, I'm wondering if I can pass on the one I have when I come to the opening in Charlottetown.

  2. Yes, Holly. You can pass the regional trunk show along to me when I see you in PEI.

  3. Thanks for your kind words, Chris. Although I have always considered myself more facetious with a touch of scarcasm than acerbic..good to know! : )

    I sincerely hope one of the members will take on the job of blog moderator as I feel it is a very valuable tool not only for the Atlantic members and SAQA members in general, but for any reader who might stumble upon the blog. I believe the increased number of hits received over the past few years indicates quite well the importance of staying current. And SAQA Atlantic members need to recognize that their work and activities are of great interest and should be shared within social media where access to info is so immediate.

    One of the benefits of being blog moderator is getting to have individual conversations with the other members and getting to know everyone just a little bit more than is always possible within the region due to the geographical nature of the provinces.

    Hoping to see a new name signing off blog posts very soon! All you need to do is volunteer...

    Thanks again!