28 September 2015

Congratulations, Lois Wilby Hooper (Moores Mills, NB)

Each year SAQA runs an auction of donated art quilts. The artwork is available for purchase on line and also in person at the Houston International Quilt Festival. Revenue from the auction is directed to the exhibition program and supports the preparation and shipping of group shows by SAQA members around the world.

Usually quilts are made available for sale in groups and buyers must wait until a group which contains their favourite is opened for purchase. In a twist, this year SAQA opened all of the quilts for sale for three days at a fixed price of $1000. Fourteen pieces were sold in this way and one of them ... ta daa ... was made by our own Lois Wilby Hooper.

You can see an image of her quilt here. The purchaser was Marvin Fletcher who with his late wife Hilary has established a premier collection of art quilts.


  1. Congratulations indeed! Well done, Lois!

  2. Congratulations, Lois! Sounds like a wonderful new home for your quilt!

  3. A lovely piece! How exciting for you, Lois, and for all of us, to know that such an outcome is possible. Perhaps more of us will participate in next year's auction.

  4. Wow, congratulations, Lois! What an honour to have sold a piece and for a good cause too.