15 November 2015

Pricing your Art Quilts

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If you're agonizing about the price to charge for the quilts you're entering in My Corner of the World, here are a few resources to help you sort it out.

SAQA Resources

A quick intro to two ways of pricing, by size or time+materials. Lists seven articles on pricing published over the years in SAQA journals, accessible online.

What Are You Really Earning? by Anne Copeland
An interesting table provides a clear picture of earnings per hour, based on selling price.

Pricing Your Artwork by Judith Trager
This article has a more flexible approach, stating that "Art has no fixed value." Thoughtful comments for beginners. Outlines her own, "spongy" approach to pricing.

Strategies for Pricing your Artwork by Elizabeth Van Schaick
Recommends calculating average labour time in selecting a value per square foot, thus integrating both approaches to pricing.

Other Resources

Question about Pricing and Selling your Quilts by Caryl Bryer Fallert
An interesting article on how to come up with your own price per square foot.

Pricing Art Work - The Fat and the Skinny by Sara Jo Renzulli
Thoughtful blog post about art pricing in general, by an established painter and needle felter.

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  1. Great resources. I'll add that Lisa Call has a lot of information about pricing on her blog. I expect that she has made it fairly easy to find through a search.

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  3. Thanks for the resources. I will check them out.