24 December 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

As we say goodbye to 2015 I'd like to wish all SAQA Atlantic members a happy holiday and productive new year. This is a time for reflection about the events of the past year. 2015 was a hallmark year for our region. It began with a retreat, co-chaired by me and Kate Madeloso. Then we moved on to a very successful regional show (which will continue into 2016) thanks to the hard work of curator Regina Marzlin. The year ended with planning for the travels of the SAQA trunk show, masterminded by Helene Blanchet, and preliminary planning for a retreat in October 2016. I am pleased that we now seem to have a plan for regular retreats and shows. That structure brings more value to your SAQA membership and should help us attract new recruits.

During my time as regional representative it has always been my intention to turn much of the region's business over to the members. I believe that people gain much more and grow as artists and members of their community through active participation. I am pleased to acknowledge the work of the following people who actively contributed their time and energy to our region in 2015.

Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau - regional rep, blog, retreat, regional show
Kate Madeloso - retreat, regional show
ReBecca Paterson - retreat
Susan Tilsley Manley - retreat, regional trunk show, 2016 retreat
Regina Marzlin - regional show
Heather Jarmyn - regional show
Heather Loney - regional show
Helene Blanchet - regional show, SAQA trunk show
Susan Lilley - blog, 2016 retreat
Kathy Tidswell - blog
Holly McLean - blog
Linda Mackie Finley - 2016 retreat

In January the SAQA trunk show will start its journey through the region. Each of you who presents it to a guild or other group or drives it from place to place will be an active participant in spreading the word about art quilts. I thank you in advance for all that you will do.

2016 will bring exciting change to the region. I plan to step down as rep so that I can devote my energies to service on the SAQA Board. I am not going anywhere, though, and will always be available to listen and to help out. I am pleased to announce that, pending approval from SAQA, Regina Marzlin will be your next regional representative. She made a commitment to SAQA at a time when there was not much activity in our region and has been an important part of our growth and development. As a full-time artist she has a unique perspective on what SAQA can offer its members. Regina's term will begin in early summer. 

Here's to another amazing year of art quilts.

Chris Nielsen


  1. Chris, thank you for all your hard work, we achieved so much as a group! I want to also thank Kate for helping with the call for entry for the Structures show, her graphic design skills were much appreciated. Regina

    1. Thanks, Regina. I have edited the post to reflect Kate's contribution.