08 November 2016

SAQA 2017 Trunk Show preview #2

Our second featured 2017 Trunk Show contribution is, Is it Deco?, by LaVerne McCallum Deakin.

Is it Deco? by LaVerne McCallum Deakin

“Is It Deco?” by LaVerne McCallum Deakin from Fredericton, NB

Although I usually start with sketches and the occasional full-size diagram, most of my pieces evolve as I work, often bearing little resemblance to the original sketch. Thinking positively, should I not be happy with the end result, it will serve as a learning experience. Over the last couple of years, I have noticed what I consider an “art deco” influence appearing in my work. Who knows what will be next?

Metals, especially copper, are favourite materials, but I also enjoy working with a variety of mixed media. The richness of silk as a background fibre seems to enhance the materials placed on it. The variegated metallic thread was the best match for this piece of silk which changes colour based on the angle of light.

Experiments with art quilting came after many years as a traditional quilter and, after retirement, I realized this is where my heart is!

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