19 December 2016

SAQA 2017 Trunk Show preview #13

Hold Near and Dear by Laurie Swim, Lunenburg NS

Hold Near and Dear by Laurie Swim

Laurie Swim's SAQA 2017 trunk show piece is one in a series of ten small (10" x 7") works associated with her ongoing project: Hope and Survival, the Halifax Explosion Memorial. 

LS: These small pieces are offered as the reward for a $1000 contribution to our Indiegogo fund-raising campaign in support of Hope and Survival, the Halifax Explosion Memorial.

The image of the two children is created individually for each of the ten pieces. Each is finished differently from one another. The image is drawn with an Inktense pencil in indigo and then painted with a wet brush and heat set with an iron. The piece is free motion machine quilted and hand beaded.

A larger version of the same image is also part of the 8' x 12' (2.5m x 3.7m) centrepiece and will appear in the children's book I have written about the explosion. The smaller version shown here is heavily beaded on the top and the sides. Flotsam and debris and a carbon-saturated black rain falls around the children while they seek shelter in a doorway.

For information about contributing to Hope and Survival, visit the Indiegogo site here.

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