28 February 2018

Spotlight on Kate Madeloso

Kate Madeloso, from Wolfville NS, contributed a piece entitled Spark to SAQA's 2018 Spotlight Auction.

Spark by Kate Madeloso (2018) w6" x h8"

When inspiration comes it is truly like a spark as this textural textile piece suddenly emerged a few days after meeting with a small group of wonderful fibre artists.

Techniques: Wet felted wool, applique, hand embroidery; 

Materials:    Wool roving, velvet, cotton, viscose, gauze, DMC threads, felt batting.

You can see more of Kate's work on her blog, Kate Madeloso.


The Spotlight Auction is an opportunity for members to showcase their artwork at SAQA's annual conference. The pieces are auctioned with proceeds going to SAQA's exhibition programs. SAQA Atlantic Canada has benefited from the annual auction by accessing these funds for all three of our regional shows. 

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