23 May 2018

2019 Grand National Fibre Art and Quilt Exhibition

As a member of the Grand National Fibre Art and Quilt Exhibition committee, SAQA Atlantic member Kathy Tidswell is inviting quilt and fibre artists from Atlantic Canada to participate in the 2019 thematic exhibition, Still. 

Solitude by Terry Aske


The Grand National is “Still” an entity and the committee challenges you to create a piece using the theme “Still”. For example, your piece could celebrate the longevity of a place, event or idea; demonstrate the ability of an object to be motionless; slice out a millisecond of time in which a continuously moving object can be viewed as frozen in time or let your imagination interpret this theme some other way.

Entries are due April 13, 2019. The show opens in Portage LaPrairie, Manitoba on July 6th 2019. All entrants must be Canadian residents. Additional information and entry forms are available online now. 

The committee is hoping to make the 2019 Grand National a travelling exhibition. Any galleries or groups interested in hosting the exhibition can find out more at www.grandnationalquiltshow.ca or by emailing  grandnationalexhibition@gmail.com

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