14 October 2012

Thoughts on the New Blog

By Hélène Blanchet

My husband and I left our home province of Nova Scotia almost a year ago now to seek our retirement income in Calgary. We’ll be back of course, but as CFAs (Come-From-Away’s) to Alberta we’re eager to explore all that this big Western landscape has to offer while we’re here.  For me, that means seeking out all things fibre-related.

When I first arrived in Calgary, I googled all of the fibre arts sites I could think of and eventually landed on the Fibre Arts Network (FAN) website. The first thing that caught my eye was the very impressive artwork. I was familiar with some of the artists’ work and very keen to get to know the others. I thought I’d like to be part of such a group. So I joined. That, of course, gave me access to the more personal community, the members, and their wonderful online newsletter. It was through this online newsletter that I was able to take part in the on-going “From Away” show that was showcased at this year’s NJS, as well as the current traveling exhibit “Waterworks”. I’ve been working full-time so haven’t had a chance to meet many of the FAN members, but to my great delight I did meet several of these fine ladies when I attended workshops during this year’s NJS. And what a hoot that was!

So likewise, I am very excited about the new SAQA Atlantic blog. As a temporarily deposed Maritimer, I can see that this blog will be a valuable resource for me - allowing me to stay in the loop with all things fibre in Atlantic Canada, to meet new and old members in a cyber-kind-of-way, and to keep up-to-date with opportunities in the East. But the blog can really be more than that. To me, I see it as having the potential to be the face of SAQA Atlantic; reaching members across the country and beyond, some of whom we may only get to know through this forum, and it too may serve a vital part of this community of fibre artists. Also, those of us who are members-from-away may be able to provide extended venues for exhibiting our work in parts outside of the Maritimes. An extended link if you will.

I have yet to meet many of you face to face; but, already I feel part of something special. Simply by reading a blog. Kudos to you, Chris, and all of the contributing members. To me this blog is the public face of our group and the impression I am left with is one of a vibrant, intelligent, dynamic bunch of fibre artists who are as excited about their peers’ work as their own, generous with their knowledge, their time and energy, and truly excited about getting the word out about this form of art. This is the face we put forward with this little blog. Clearly, many of us believe it’s well worth the effort. Well done!


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