18 November 2013

2013 Portia White and Portia White Protégé Awards - Laurie Swim and Hangama Amiri, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

On October 25th Laurie Swim received the prestigious Portia White Prize which recognizes cultural and artistic excellence. In conjunction with receiving this award, Laurie was honoured with selecting Hangama Amiri as the recipient of the 2013 Portia White Protégé Award. 
Hangama Amiri, Tony Ince and Laurie Swim
Hangama Amiri graduated from NSCAD in 2012 with a major in painting. She spent a year  in Lunenburg with the NSCAD residency program and has chosen to stay on in the community. The Swims were so impressed by her work that they gave her a solo show this past spring in their gallery and said awarding Hangama the Protégé portion ($7000) of the Portia White Prize seemed a natural selection. Hangama is an Afghani refugee as well as a feminine activist for women's rights in Afghan.

Tony Ince, the newly appointed Minister of Communities, Culture and Heritage for Nova Scotia had only been in office for four days when this event, the 2103 Creative Nova Scotia Gala took place.

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