08 November 2013

Quilt Hanger (Deb Plestid)

When we made our visit to Deb Plestid's studio during the retreat a number of people admired the quilt hanger in one room. Her husband made it for her and when he appeared on the scene he was asked how much it would cost to make duplicates for sale. I think he was surprised by the interest and wisely asked for time to do some calculations. I received the following note and photo yesterday. If you are interested in having a hanger made for you please contact Deb directly or email me (link in sidebar) and I will pass the message along.

Quilt Hanger

As requested by some members - David can fashion a quilt hanger for anyone who is interested. The materials plus labour would bring the cost to $150.00. So for anyone who wants one, simply contact me. Thanks, deb.

1 comment:

  1. Very nifty! Modelled after my very favourite dish towel hanger, which I unfortunately left in my former Calgary home when I sold it, and now can't seem to replace for love nor money! I don't need a large quilt hanger yet, but I wonder if he'd make me a miniature for under my kitchen sink? :-)