06 January 2014

Christmas Fibre Art - Nancy Elaschuk, Moncton, New Brunswick

Sometimes Christmas gifts are wonderful pieces of fibre art from good friends..

This year I was the recipient of this beautifully stitched sketchbook cover by Nancy Elaschuk.
Using felt and fabric paint, silks and batiks, and those shiny threads I so love, she stitched feather motifs, straight lines, swirls and curls over the surface. 
How lucky can one girl get?


  1. I just found this page with the journal covers. I hope this will be taught at the GMQG. I am an amateur geneologist and I would like to make them binder size to cover the rather ugly covers.

    Sharon Reid/ GMQG

    1. Thanks for your interest, Sharon! I will make sure Nancy gets your message.