20 January 2014

Our Journey to Houston - Fiona Oxford, Waverly, Nova Scotia

Fiona Oxford travelled this fall to the International Quilt festival in Houston, Texas and spent some hours volunteering in the SAQA  booth. She tells us about her exciting trip..

Our Journey to the International Quilt Festival, Houston

Along with members from Mayflower and Mariners quilting guilds, I ventured off to Houston 2013.

I thought it a great time to go since a local Nova Scotian quilter by the name of Christina Belding had her "Jewelled Diamonds" quilt chosen as the signature quilt for Houston. Congratulations to Christina! Her quilt was everywhere, from show pins to bags, and it was beautifully presented. It also looked great hanging in the Show Room!
A number of us took classes, shopped at the merchant mall (too much fun!!) and took day excursions to Galveston and San Antonio.

On one of the days I was able to work at the SAQA booth selling books and answering questions about the SAQA show. The quilts displayed were under the categories "People and Portraits" and "Text Messages”. No photos were allowed, so the only one I have is of the front of the booth where you could purchase SAQA books, thread and sign up for membership. They were also selling 12x12 art quilts for $250.00 to help raise money for SAQA and they were selling like hot cakes!
The show was excellent and I met Martha Sielman who is the executive director of SAQA and a very nice lady as well! I was really inspired by the wonderful quilts and feel strongly that the art quilt is a wonderful form of expression. I hope this year I will try make a 12 x 12 quilt per month.

Happy Quilting to all and all the best for 2014.
Fiona Oxford

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  1. Thanks for posting this, Fiona. Sounds like a wonderful trip!