22 September 2014

Hilary Rice Workshops and Trunk Show - Fredericton, New brunswick October 21 - 25, 2014

October Workshops with Textile Artist Hilary Rice

Be inspired, learn something different and challenge yourself to be innovative with new techniques under the guidance of fibre artist and professional teacher Hilary Rice when she visits New Brunswick in October.  Sponsored by Fredericton Quilters’ Guild, these hands-on workshops will build confidence in using the techniques while exposing participants to broader possibilities.  Definitely a fun opportunity!  To see examples of Hilary’s work, visit www.mestudios.ca.

Easy-Peasy Curves — The Basics of Top-stitch Curved Piecing
Tuesday, October 21.
No more sewing only straight lines!  For confident beginner & beyond, produce a small landscape and be introduced to embellishing ideas.    Kit fee: $50

Imagine & Create — Embellishment Techniques for Art Quilters 
Wednesday-Thursday, October 22 – 23.
With the mastery and exploration of an assortment of embellishment techniques, you can design and create anything!  For anyone with an adventurous spirit, emphasis will be on an imaginative approach to the creation of innovative works with input from an experienced fibre artist.    Kit fee: $10

Funky Tricks & Techniques — For Textile & Mixed Media Artists
Friday, October 24.
Learn a smattering of fun techniques applicable to a variety of artistic endeavours, such as transfer foiling, silk paper making, metal work and toner transfer.  For all people, all ages.    Kit fee: $20

Quilting with Metal/Mettle or Everything you wanted to know about metal appliqué but were afraid to try 
Saturday, October 25, 2014.
Instruction will be given on the entire how-to involved when working with metal as an appliqué accent - anneal your chosen metal, see demos of embossing and colouring, use a blowtorch!  For those with an adventurous spirit.    Kit fee: $20

Workshops run from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and are being held at Willie O’Ree Place, Fredericton.  Cost is $65 per day + kit fee.

To register, contact LaVerne McCallum Deakin 459-5324 or at lmd@bellaliant.net or Lee McLean 451-1311 or at quilter@jamocha.com.

As well, Hilary is offering a trunk show/presentation, “Along the Silk Road” 

It is said that all things are connected. Each of us moves through our lives, one thing leading to another, the way the silk journey of long ago was a continuous journey. While selling silk was part of it, it also acted as a conduit for thoughts and ideas. In her inspirational talk, textile and mixed media artist Hilary Rice will share her story – a story full of chance meetings and doors opening, fun experiments and happy accidents. It is a journey that acts as a conduit for thoughts and ideas - a journey that winds through a progression of art quilts and into a new world of creativity.

The trunk Show is being held at 7:00 p.m. Oct. 21 at Hugh John Flemming Forestry Complex, Fredericton (across from Regent Mall).  Open to the public.  Admission $5.

For photos, see the Fredericton Quilt Guild blog at http://frederictonquiltersguild.blogspot.ca/2014/09/gearing-up-and-hilary-rice.html


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