20 September 2014

Update and food for thought - Chris Nielsen

I'm afraid that nothing triggers my creativity more than some suffering, fear and a little drama. I have had my fair share over the last 15 days, including an unexpected detour to ICU. But all signs point to discharge next week and no additional recovery time.

Hospitals are incredibly lonely and insular places and I have had lots to time to think. I am even more convinced now that I, and I hope some other regional members, should take the next step of entering larger SAQA exhibitions. Frankly, the internal and external work involved will be almost negligible compared to the heroics I have observed in my fellow patients. Sometimes it takes something special to see that the roadblocks we have placed in our way are just minor ripples in the road.

As soon as I get home I will be setting up some mechanism to help us continue to overcome those ripples as we move toward a common goal of show entries. Please give some thought to what format might help you the most and leave a comment here or send me a note.

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