13 October 2014

Member Profile - Nancy Elaschuk, Moncton, New Brunswick

How often do we all stare at the paper when we are asked to create an artist statement or personal profile of ourselves?  Why is it so hard for many of us to stand up and say, I am an Art Quilter?  I often wonder if artists who work in oils, acrylics, or watercolour have a hard time making such a confession.  I love fabric, beads, and embellishments and how they play together.  It is impossible to walk through a fabric store without touching (thank goodness there are no signs prohibiting our fondling of textures). Museums drive me crazy as I hyperventilate looking at textiles through a glass box. 

Doodle Bird #1 adapted from my original zen sketch
With these confessions in tow, perhaps I should tell you a bit about my journey into textiles.  I was born into a family of quilters, both sides, several generations.  I was doomed to follow.  By the time I was 9 my paternal grannie had taught me to piece crazy quilts using Eaton catalogue pages as a foundation.  She then taught me to embroider and tat lace to apply onto the blocks.  See, there it was, embellishment 101!  I have been privileged to take classes with many wonderful quilting instructors, as well as being self taught from books and experiments.
St Marcos Square
My work is rooted within a natural framework.  I am drawn to the designs of ancient cultural artefacts and artwork (remnants of an archaeology background).  I love using machine embroidery, paint and quilting to enhance my work and often work from sketches.  I currently work with heat guns to distress fabrics in my artwork.  Teaching is my second love, but comes with the double edge sword of time away from my own design work.  My favourite piece is always the next one.  I begin to research and sketch before the floor has been swept.

Anything Can Happen in a Pumpkin Patch 

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