21 October 2014

What’s My View? - Heather Loney, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

After viewing the latest "What's My View" by Laurie Swim, Heather thought it would be of interest to share her view, in reference to Laurie’s project, Hope and Survival.

At the beginning of Laurie Swim's video is a view of the damaged area near the Narrows of Halifax Harbour.  The area has obviously been rebuilt, and it is now "my view". I watch the container ships pass by, at a much slower speed courtesy of by-law changes after the Halifax Explosion. I watch commuter traffic scurry across the MacKay Bridge, and I am eye-level to the multitude of birds that frequent the harbour (yes, even the occasional eagle and osprey). The green spaces around me even allow the occasional deer, fox and pheasant to frequent the area in spite of living in the city. I have created two pieces of work based on "View from my Deck".

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