27 January 2015

Current Work - Heather Loney, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Christmas is over; I can finally show these off without spoiling the surprise. 
Years ago, my Dad's partner talked about her love of Clarice Cliff dishes. Clarice Cliff was an English ceramic artist of the 1920's and 1930's who favoured bright coloured landscapes and Art Deco designs. (Her work kind of reminds me of Dr. Seuss picture books.) At the time, I thought I would make Jan something with one of the designs, but I didn't know how to go about it. Fast forward fifteen years, and finally my ability is catching up to my inspirations!

These are a set of 6 place mats made for my Dad and Jan for Christmas 2014 ... when she opened the gift, she did not want to pass the place mats around, and when she finally shared them with the group, she recounted them several times to make sure all 6 remained with her once everyone had packed up their Christmas gifts. To be on the safe side, I also bound some clear plastic mats that could be placed over the Cliff mats to help out when grandchildren or great-grandchildren were visiting. The colours in the borders match the print in the furniture she recently had re-covered.


  1. I can see why Jan loved and guarded her gift -- how thoughtful, colourful and beautiful!

  2. Thank you .... and I am pleased to say that she has actually used them as placemats (with the clear plastic covers). I hate giving a gift that doesn't get used.