09 January 2015

What’s My View? - Jennifer Scantlebury Vienneau, NB whose heart remains in Cumberland, Prince Edward Island

There are large fat flakes falling which should be a reprieve from the -35 C degrees we have experienced the last few days. But, somehow, the rise in temperature accompanied by snow is not making me feel any warmer.
These photos do however remind me that there will be another summer and there will be opportunities to swim in these incredibly warm, sultry waters.

I have been very fortunate. I grew up on these banks and in these waters and my children have spent as much time as possible doing the same. It is a sirens' call that brings us back time and time again to the south shore of Prince Edward Island. 

These photos were taken in late September just after I had taken a lovely swim, not always a possibility that late every fall, but definitely a joy when it happens.

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