18 March 2015

SAQA Atlantic Retreat 2015 - It's all about the light

It's all about Light

Walt Malone is a professional full-time photographer who believes completely in
the practice of continuous learning. “ There is no point in time during the course of our
lives when we know everything” “Photography is no different”. He also believes that in
order to better the industry and maintain an integrity the sharing of knowledge is
imperative. Photography is evolving and with the advantage of digital over the past two
decades photographer have to be held to a higher standard of ability.

Walt promotes that light has been the source of all great photography
and how it is used makes a great photograph. “While Photoshop and other post
production programs will certainly enhance the image we have to start with an image
using a proper selection of light”.

We have all heard the expression to “Show or see something in its best light”.
Normally this is a metaphor which suggests that things both animated and inanimate
are best seen when the viewer sees with a positive attitude. However, if we take the
expression literally and apply it to a photography we are reminded that the difference
between good photography and bad photography has nothing to do with the value of the
camera or what can be “Fixed” in Photoshop.

During the upcoming seminar my hope is raise the level of understanding where
photos are concerned and how photography can easily be created in order to best show
an artisans work in its best light.

Walt Malone, MPA, SPA, F/MPPA, F/SWPP

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  1. I'm looking forward to this! I'll bring my camera.