10 March 2015

SAQA Atlantic Retreat 2015 Program

 The Program

Focus on Success SAQA-Atlantic Canada April 10-12 , 2015

At this yearʼs retreat we will build on the activities at the November 2013 retreat. Our theme is related to professional development. That means many things to many people but some tools and skills are universally useful. Those will be the focus of our sessions.

Good pictures of our work are important, whether we are sharing them with our families, entering a show or printing cards for sale. For that reason, we have engaged a professional photographer who will provide some theoretical and practical information in a morning lecture. He will remain with us and oversee a hands-on session later in the day. You will have the opportunity to use your own camera and provided lights to photograph an art quilt and will learn the best set-up for use at home.

Websites and blogs, whether they are yours or other peopleʼs, are vital for distribution of information and learning. We will offer a session on the choices you need to make to create your own website or blog. Screenshots will show you the actual steps you need to take if you want to share your work with the world.

As a member of SAQA, there are many opportunities for learning and exposure. I will present a session intended to better familiarize you with the SAQA website and the organizationʼs programs which you can leverage to meet your goals.

SAQA members in our region have experienced success in various ways, whether it is entering shows, enhancing their on-line profile or selling in shops and galleries. Some of them will tell their stories as part of a panel discussion. You will have an opportunity to ʻpick their brainsʼ about everything from how to price your work to what it takes to create a website.

There will, of course, be opportunities to share your work with others. We have designed a new format for the ʻshow and tellʼ portion of the retreat which will give you more opportunities to really engage with the individual artists and their work. In addition, Kate Madeloso is planning a few other fun activities. There will still be lots of time to chat with and learn from the other people who attend the retreat.


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