22 April 2015

Favorite Tool - Chris Nielsen, Head of St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia

When Jennifer asked us to write about our favourite tools, two came to mind immediately. The first is a ballpoint stiletto made by Clover. I first learned about the stiletto in a segment by Susan Cleveland on The Quilt Show. She was showing how to use it to make and apply piping. I have subsequently adopted some altered versions of her piping techniques and it is indeed perfect for that use. But I find myself reaching for it any time I need to control small pieces of fabric or paper or need to pull a thread out from an awkward place. I like the feel of the handle in my hand and I appreciate that the ball point does not do damage to whatever surface it touches. Contrast that to picking up a small pair of scissors or your seam ripper to hold or guide something (you know you have done it!) Of course you need to exercise caution when using a metal tool when using your machine.

My other tool can’t be found in stores. My husband works closely with ocean and climate scientists around the world and he often receives gifts from them. A few years ago he came home with a very fancy box from Japan. It contained a variety of edible (or not, depending on your palate) foodstuffs. In amongst the fancy packaging were four short bamboo sticks. I grabbed them immediately and have been hoarding them ever since. I have used them as stilettos, corner turners, really short straight edges and glue spreaders. 

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