27 April 2015

Diaspora - a SAQA exhibition opportunity

It is getting late to get to work on a big piece but I wanted to highlight an amazing opportunity which has been negotiated by the SAQA exhibition committee. It is a show called Stories of Migration which will be mounted at The Textile Museum in Washington DC. The theme is related to diaspora - the dispersion of people from an ancestral homeland. The curators and jurors are open to very large and non-traditional work. Three-dimensional and free-hanging pieces will be welcome. The prospectus even makes reference to sculpture and video. The show was announced in November of last year and entries close on October 30, 2015.

You can find more here on the SAQA website. Follow the link on that page for a complete prospectus.

As a resident of Nova Scotia I am aware of several topics which could be explored under the umbrella of this theme - the expulsion of the Acadians, the migration of Black Loyalists (and the return of some to Sierra Leone) and now I eat food weekly that is produced with the assistance of migrant workers from Jamaica.

None of these topics call to me but you may have a personal or historical interest in a subject related to the theme of the show.  If you have a strong urge to explore it and would like the chance to create a unique (and large!) piece, this is a show you should consider entering.

Chris Nielsen

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