21 May 2015

Lesson Learnt - ReBecca Paterson, Sussex, New Brunswick

Lesson Learnt 

A few years ago while attending the NBCCD for a diploma program, I was enrolled in a course called Digital Communication. The course touched on how to deal with digital gadgets and one topic of course was the camera. 

The College has a Photography Diploma Program so there were lots of lights and backdrops our class could play with. One of the areas, a small dark room, had a variety of lights that could be manipulated as well as a large box lined with gray paper that curved from the top to the back on to the bottom. The front of the box was open and it was mainly used to photograph small objects. I brought in a few of my favorite things that I had made and proceeded to play with light. I have a lot of images from those sessions. 

The images with the needle caddy on the white silk were taken years prior to attending NBCCD. The difference in using a gray backdrop with lights and a white back drop with day light and over head ceiling light was interesting. The latter does not show the texture well. 

I like working 3D so I may invest in a box that would help with future images but I do need to work on the skill of taking good images. I wonder if the images of the cushion may be too dramatic for a juried show now that I have been looking at it with a critical eye. The close up shows great detail but I ask myself if is there too much contrast in the shadows? 

The photo Session at the retreat reminded me of some of the things I had forgotten and I have gone in search of my notes (I found them).

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