01 May 2015

Favorite Tool - Linda Finley, Halifax, Nova Scotia

I realized that this unsophisticated material, drawer liner/carpet underlay and numerous other official titles, is my favourite tool. 
I use it in many sizes (cuts to any shape or size of course) on my drawing table which is usually sloped at a variety of angles depending upon the day to keep reference materials (ipad, books, etc.), scissors, chalk, pencils, boxes, and so on from sliding into my drawing space. 
I put larger pieces under my cutting mat to keep it in place and the same for my sewing machine and foot pedal. Tiny bits sit inside a thimble to help it stay on when my hands are cool and it would otherwise sail off; my finger size fluctuates dramatically I find, even from hour to hour. It also provides great grip to encourage reluctant needles through a quilt. 
I have also used it to provide a temporary gripped surface for snap frames and always as a grip for tightening the outer pieces on properly wrapped frames. The outer pieces are slippery and it is frequently difficult to get enough twist to tighten them adequately with bare hands.
   You get the picture ... So many uses, limited only by your imagination.

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