17 May 2015

New details on Diaspora

This information was distributed on the SAQA Yahoo group this morning.

The exhibition STORIES OF MIGRATION: CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS INTERPRET DIASPORA will now be accepting COLLABORATIVE work!  This concept has been encouraged and approved by the curators at The Textile Museum, and logistics have been worked out by SAQA’s Exhibition Committee and computer specialists.

So if you were thinking about working in collaboration with another SAQA artist, this is a perfect opportunity to merge your talents! 

Diaspora is breaking all the rules: 3-D work  acceptable, no size restrictions, no down travel time, and now, collaboration.  What exciting possibilities exist for this exhibition at one of the world’s most prestigious venues!

Details regarding entry will be added to the online prospectus soon but if there are any questions please contact Patty Kennedy-Zafred pattykz@aol.com.

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