26 May 2015

Webinar from the Education Commitee

I have heard nothing but wonderful things about a session at the recent SAQA conference in Portland, Orefon. The speaker has now agreed to share her presentation with all SAQA members through a webinar. You can attend live and/or watch it on-line when it is posted a few days later. Here is the announcement as it appeared on the Yahoo group today.

Upcoming Webinar with Maria Shell
The Art of the Word: Getting Grants and Other Art Opportunities by Crafting a Well-Written Proposal

After rave reviews at the recent SAQA conference, we asked Maria to share her presentation with the larger SAQA membership on a Mentorship Webinar. She graciously agreed. Maria’s webinar will touch on several topics including doing the work, networking, applying and following through. Take a look at Maria’s art work and read her blog to get an idea of her vision and experience. http://mariashell.com

Please click the following link to register. 

If you can not attend the live webinar, SAQA members will have access to the full audio and video recording on the SAQA website a few days after the event.

Chris Nielsen

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